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Why Choose Yaffe Real Estate For All Your Baltimore Real Estate Needs

For A Team Approach To Baltimore Real Estate Transactions, Choose Yaffe!

Our Baltimore area real estate clients consistently comment on the Yaffe team approach and how it has made a difference in helping them successfully complete their transactions.

Perhaps you've read 3 Reasons Why Yaffe Real Estate Got Started In The Baltimore Market. In this article, I would like to explain WHY we believe that it is so critical for you to choose a team that truly values and acts like a team when handling your real estate transaction and how it benefits you.

How does our team approach to real estate benefit you?  Why does it matter?

At a traditional real estate company, most agents work as independent contractors and they work alone.  There are a few "teams" (at least they call themselves teams) but they really don't coordinate systems and take responsibility for each other's tasks the way a true team does.  So if the agent is on vacation, who covers their business?  Who really knows the ins and outs of the transaction? Who has authority to make a decision or resolve a problem if the lead agent is not available? No one. 

Time and time again we see that when the lead agent is out, there is no back up plan to handle issues or questions in their absence.  This is unacceptable and leads to delays and frustration. 

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If you or your children play team sports (I played Division 1 sports and my children play on many teams), you know that "There is no "I" in team." 

A true team works together for a common goal.  When one player is down, the other team members step in.  They don't need to be asked; they just do it.  There is no individual ego, there is just a shared vision and a shared mission and we all do whatever it takes to make it happen. 

At Yaffe Real Estate, we are that kind of a team and everyone shares information openly and freely in our office so that, in the event that one team member is out, your transaction continues to run smoothly without a hitch. 

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So, for example, if Jessica Alperstein is unavailable and working with a buyer who has an emergency situation, Mary Towle steps in.  If Kristin Karukas is out of the office, Linda covers the phones.  If Juli Stein is doing a walk-through with a new tenant, then Thomas Brooks steps in. There is no job too big or too small for any of our team members. Our goal is to provide the client with as smooth a transaction as possible and we all step in to make that happen.

A Team Approach Means Faster Resolution

Why does this matter?  Because home buying and selling transactions are difficult and complicated these days. Unexpected issues come up during the pending process.  Clients are emotional and need reassurance. And everyone, I mean everyone, wants "problems" resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This includes the buyer, the seller, the co-op agent, the lender, the appraiser, the underwriter and everyone else associated with the transaction. 

So our team is here for you.  Each of our Yaffe team members is amazing. They are smart, knowledgeable, dedicated and each has a wealth of experience in a variety of markets and situations. I feel lucky to go to work with these incredible team members every day and I trust them totally to make decisions on my behalf and do what is right for the sake of the client. Are we perfect? No. But we do our best every day to do the right thing and provide the highest level of service possible.

Our past clients say it much better than we do as you can see in this 1 minute video where new homeowner Charles describes the Yaffe team approach.

For A Team Approach to Baltimore Real Estate, Choose Yaffe Team!

By choosing to work with Yaffe Real Estate, you will be working with all of us.  You get Linda's legal and business background, Kristin's organizational systems and thoughtfulness, Mary and Jessica's local Baltimore knowledge and real estate expertise built over hundreds of transactions, Wayne's home building experience, Juli and Thomas' problem solving and hands-on knowledge regarding home systems and you get to tap into our incredible third party service providers - lenders, title companies, licensed contractors, and more. Each of these companies are thoroughly vetted and shares our mission to work as a team and take care of the client. 

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So, if you are in need of real estate assistance, we would love to help you. Just drop us a line anytime

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